Immigrant Battling Cancer Wins $1.3 billion Powerball Jackpot

(AP Photo/Jenny Kane)

An immigrant who overcame cancer for eight years will share a massive lottery prize with a generous friend.

Cheng Saephan, 46, from Portland, Oregon, revealed his story at a news conference. He and his wife will receive half the winnings, with the rest going to their friend, Laiza Chao.

Chao contributed $100 towards lottery tickets, jokingly calling them “billionaires” before the winning numbers were drawn.

Saephan, battling cancer since 2016, recently completed chemotherapy. He expressed his desire to secure his family’s future and access better healthcare.

The immigrant, originally from Laos, arrived in the US in 1994 and has lived in Portland for three decades. He belonged to the Iu Mien ethnic group, who aided the US during the Vietnam War.

Lottery Details

The winning game was Powerball, with a total prize of $1.3 billion distributed over 30 years. Saephan and Chao opted for a lump sum of $422 million after taxes.

Oregon Powerball Rules

Lottery winners in Oregon can’t remain anonymous, with this prize being the state’s fourth-largest ever.