Saudi Arabia’s New Tourism Vision

– A mountain resort in the Asir region;

– A desert resort in the Al-Ula region;

– A cultural center in the Diriyah region;

– A sports complex in the Jeddah region.

  • Benefits of Saudi Arabia’s New Tourism Vision

Increased economic growth: The tourism industry is a major driver of economic growth, and Saudi Arabia’s new tourism vision has the potential to generate billions of dollars in revenue.

Job creation: The tourism industry creates jobs in a variety of sectors, including hospitality, transportation, and construction. Saudi Arabia’s new tourism vision is expected to create millions of jobs.

– Improved infrastructure: The tourism industry requires a well-developed infrastructure, such as roads, airports, and hotels. Saudi Arabia’s new tourism vision is expected to lead to significant investment in infrastructure.

Increased cultural exchange: Tourism can help to promote cultural exchange between different countries. Saudi Arabia’s new tourism vision is expected to attract visitors from all over the world, and this will help to promote cultural understanding.


HH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

We intend to provide better opportunities for partnerships with the private sector through the three pillars: our position as the heart of the Arab and Islamic worlds, our leading investment capabilities, and our strategic geographical position. We will improve the business environment, so that our economy grows and flourishes, driving healthier employment opportunities for citizens and long-term prosperity for all. This promise is built on cooperation and mutual responsibility.


Saudi Arabia’s New Tourism Projects

The Red Sea Project

The Red Sea Project is a $500 billion luxury tourism development on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia. It will include 50 resorts, 1,300 kilometers of roads, and a new international airport. The project is expected to create 70,000 jobs and generate $100 billion in revenue.

The Line

The Line is a $200 billion new city being built in northwestern Saudi Arabia. It will be a car-free city with a focus on sustainability and technology. The Line is expected to be home to 1 million people by 2030.


Sindalah is a $100 billion luxury island destination being developed in the Red Sea. It will include a yacht club, three resorts, a spa, and over 50 luxury brands. Sindalah is expected to open in 2024.


Trojena is a $50 billion mountain resort being developed in the Asir region of Saudi Arabia. It will include a ski resort, a golf course, and several hotels and villas. Trojena is expected to open in 2025.


Ohagon is a $10 billion green hydrogen production facility being developed in the Red Sea. It is expected to produce 650,000 tons of green hydrogen per year. Ohagon is expected to be operational by 2026.


These are just a few of the many exciting projects that are underway in Saudi Arabia. The country is rapidly transforming itself into a global hub for tourism, business, and technology. Overall, Saudi Arabia’s new tourism vision is a bold and ambitious plan. It has the potential to transform Saudi Arabia’s economy and society, and it is a key part of the country’s Vision 2030 plan.

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