Apple MacBook Air M3: A Refined Ultraportable Powerhouse

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This is why the Apple MacBook Air M3 may very well still be the best all-round laptop for many users. Why does the machine succeed?

Performance machine: Packed with Apple’s newest M3 chip, the MacBook Air M3 is quick as a whip with a snappy, snappy response. Do all your day-to-day tasks, whether you are editing photos, or even doing light gaming. It drastically boosts performance from the M2 chip on the M2 version. Fastest graphics record in history.

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Glorious Display: The 13.6-inch Retina screen is still the showcase. The text is sharp, the colors are bright, and the viewing angles are very good. It still lacks the high refresh rate of some competitors, but it’s great for everyday use, browsing, and watching movies.

Longest Battery Life Ever: Up to 18 hours of battery life and far better performance than the last one. We achieved 3.5 hours on the dashboard test, though getting 18 hours on a charge just depends on how long you can push your (non-notebook-sized) mouse to get work done – we speak from experience. And we can tell you the one time we find ourselves yelling at someone to move to one side, so I can plug in, is when we’re using the new MacBook Air M3. You are on the go or you are a student, you are in the library, or a journalist treading on our global platform – get yonder!

A slim, light design: The MacBook Air M3 is the portable laptop we have always wanted – slim, light, and effortless to carry around. The machined aluminum casing feels robust and expensive. And business-chic, the brand’s trademarked design, still attracts stares. In either the classic silver or the new starlight and midnight shades, the MacBook Air abounds in elegance.

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A Keyboard You Will Love: I lauded the Magic Keyboard as Apple’s best with the standard M3, and it’s the same with the M3 Pro. The typing experience is fantastic — the amount of travel coupled with an after-touch isn’t too deep and squishy, but without being too shallow and unresponsive. I’ve re-typed my novel on this, multiple times.

Not Without Flaws: The base model’s 8GB RAM might feel too limiting for heavy multitaskers. Upgrading to 16GB will futureproof it further and help users with high-end workloads. The absence of the touchscreen feature also seems to be a crack in this slim and watered-down skeleton, diminishing its chances of being anyone’s prized 2-in-1 computer.

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The Verdict:

The Apple MacBook Air M3 offers the best combination of performance, form factor, and battery life, at least for premium ultraportables. It’s a great bet for almost everyone who wants the highest level of performance in a true LifeProof ultraportable: students, professionals, and everyone else. The price is not too high, for the package given the future-proofness of the M3 CPU. Perhaps you’d want a bigger display or touchscreen – but that can be found elsewhere; and if you seek the ultimate ultraportable performer and want battery life to spare, this one is hard to beat.

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