Google I/O 2024: All About AI and How to Watch

Photo by blog. Google


Buckle up for a tech extravaganza! Google’s marquee event for its army of programmers, called I/O (input/output), is starting today, and the headline attraction of this year’s virtual fair is artificial intelligence (AI).

AI Everywhere

But Google’s powerful AI, Gemini, is making its way not just into the company’s search results but also photo-editing tools – and even, we suspect, a major overhaul of Google Assistant to make it a true AI assistant for controlling all your daily devices instantly.

Android 15 Takes the Stage

A new version of the OS – Android 15, no less – with something new under the hood courtesy of AI will arrive in the coming weeks. Expect the same for Android Auto, Wear OS, and so on.

A Peek into the Apple vs. Google AI Battle

Though Google is expected to hold court with its AI announcements during the keynote, it might be inadvertently tipping Apple’s hand on its plans for the next couple of years, to the extent that a partnership with Google might also be in store for Apple.

Hardware: A Maybe

New hardware announcements are less likely this year than usual, though it would be neat to get even a glimpse of the next Pixel Fold or some AR tech lurking about.

Beyond AI: Pixel Power

When the machines become the thing, and the goal, AI will perhaps take pride of place in any of Google’s introductions, but still using the same logic that lauded the folding Pixel. For example, next year it might exhibit its latest affordable handset, the Pixel 8A, and its integration with Android 15 and Gemini AI.

A Look Back at Leaks

By now, it is almost a tradition that Google has trouble keeping secrets – with the Pixel 8A leak, that is certainly the case. Therefore, it is very much consistent with Google to be silent about these new hardware models but lead with software.

AI Monetization: The Big Question

Investors will be paying close attention to hear what it plans to do with this advanced AI: perhaps the conference provides a glimpse into how Google plans to transform its AI into cash.

The Search Showdown: Google vs OpenAI

Rumors abound about an AI search engine launch from OpenAI in the coming months, which would be a direct competitor to Google’s search. Perhaps the Web AI session at I/O is an anticipative move in response to this.

AI for Developers

Some of the I/O sessions are aimed at developers. Take the ‘Web AI’ session, for example, which might give developers new tools and models to use within their web apps. That matters because the world of technology is itself getting reshaped by AI.

I/O: A Developer’s Paradise

The keynote – an opportunity for developers to glimpse Google’s future – is just a fraction of the program, which also includes many technical sessions, workshops, and code labs for developers to learn the latest from Google’s engineers on a technical level.

How to Watch

Never miss a beat. You can watch the Google I/O keynote live on Tuesday, May 14th at 10 am PDT (1 pm EDT), on the Google I/O website or YouTube channel.