Tech Powerhouse Perficient Snagged by EQT in a $3 Billion Blockbuster!

St. Louis, MO – May 5, 2024 – The world of tech consulting just witnessed a major shakeup! EQT, a private equity giant, has agreed to acquire Perficient Inc. in a jaw-dropping $3 billion deal. This powerhouse move signifies a significant shift in the industry and paves the way for exciting possibilities for Perficient’s future.

Key details of the acquisition:

  • Perficient shareholders receive a premium of 58% on their stock.
  • The deal strengthens Perficient’s global presence for continued growth.
  • Current management, led by CEO Tom Hogan, remains at the helm.

This strategic move positions Perficient for even greater success, and industry watchers are buzzing with anticipation. Here’s a closer look at the deal:

A Global Tech Force: Perficient, a well-established player since 1999, boasts a strong presence across the Americas, Europe, and India. With this acquisition, EQT unlocks even greater global reach and resources for Perficient’s continued growth.

Proven Leadership Stays Onboard: Stability is key! Perficient’s experienced leadership team, led by CEO Tom Hogan, will continue to guide the company. This ensures a smooth transition and capitalizes on their existing expertise.

A Win for Shareholders: Perficient shareholders are walking away with a significant win. The deal offers a hefty premium on their stock price, showcasing the immense value EQT recognizes in Perficient.

This blockbuster acquisition signifies a new chapter for Perficient. With EQT’s backing and its proven leadership intact, Perficient is poised to become an even more dominant force in the tech consulting landscape. Stay tuned for further developments as this powerhouse duo reshapes the industry!