Tyson-Paul Fight Postponed After Boxing Legend’s Health Scare

Photo by Netflix


The wait for fans of boxing, or the … er, wait, of boxing fans to see their titans clash, continues: Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul, due to knocking heads on 20 July, has had to be delayed due to a projected health concern for ‘Iron’ Mike.

A Punch in the Face: Punch to the Plans:

On Friday came the news that the fight was postponed. After suffering an ulcer flare-up on a flight last weekend, doctors persuaded Tyson to forgo the strenuous preparation needed for a professional fight to rest and recover.

When Next Time Will the Bell Ring?:

Still, no confirmation for a return date other than Roche saying he’ll push for it to be announced by 7 June, with the caveat of it being ‘difficult to determine a specific timeframe’. TMZ reported rumors from Paul that it could be sometime in the fourth quarter of 2024 (October-December).

The Tyson Factor:

There are few specifics about the particular ulcer that Tyson had and the precise method by which he was diagnosed. Post-fight reports suggest that he had been feeling nauseous while flying and that, upon landing, he had to go to hospital. But he is pricking at his wound again already; a bruised and scarred Tyson promises fans he’ll later this year return to the ring and deliver another knockout.


This might play into Tyson’s hand, but I’ll be prepped and ready to beat a healthy Iron Mike decisively.

Looming questions:

What happens if Tyson can’t participate at all? What kinds of issues will be introduced for the promotion, for the camps of the fighters involved, and for the streaming outlet, Netflix?

Fight Night Rundown:

When the fight does come.it’s shaping to feature some unorthodox rules. The professional contest will be eight rounds in two minutes, rather than the traditional three minutes between rounds in boxing, and feature 14-ounce gloves. The shorter rounds favor Tyson, who is a veteran, while the heavy gloves will ever so slightly reduce the impact of Paul’s haymakers. It will mean that both men’s professional records will be impacted.

The undercard stalled:

The early undercard, the one that got fight fans excited, that packaged Katie Taylor against Amanda Serrano.

In the end, the rescheduling is a mere momentary hiccup, and there’s still huge excitement for this unique boxing match-up. Using an epic rock-star analogy, Tyson promises he’s ‘ready to bust some skulls on 12 August’, while Paul is just as ‘committed’ to the fight. Expect fireworks in the latter half of 2020.