Boeing Stays in Turbulence: Cash Burn and Slow Deliveries Expected in Q2

Photo By MilborneOne


Here’s a breakdown of Boeing’s struggles and what to expect in the coming months:

Cash Flow Crisis: Brace for more red ink at Boeing Q2 should burn cash again, after $4B quarterly whack By Al Root March 15, 2019, 7:16 PM Peak hassles on the 737 MAX aircraft grounding and supply-chain trouble in the St Louis production facility ensure a lackluster quarter.

Troublemaker: Aerospace giant Boeing faces multiple probes into the safety of its 737 MAX aircraft and the future of its flying car, Air Taxi While regulatory probes now dog Boeing, a year ago it was a triumph of innovation, reinventing air travel in ways that no airline has succeeded before.

Glide Paths for Q2 Deliveries Start to Nosedive: From bad to weirder … it doesn’t appear that Boeing can recover for Q2. As forecasted, Q1 deliveries were Boeing’s lowest quarterly deliveries since 2021. The January incident with a Boeing door closure that led to a landing incident, and the subsequent investigation, aren’t helping matters much.

Executive Change to Adjust – After Hitting the Wall: Boeing isn’t just absorbing the blows, change is afoot. Within a month or so of its rough patch, the company announced that it was moving to replace its CEO Dave Calhoun by year-end and rearranging some top leadership posts.

Silver lining: Despite the storm, there could be fair weather ahead. Boeing’s CFO Brian West says the company expects things to improve in the latter part of 2024. The acquisition of a supplier is potentially imminent in Q2, and a laser focus on long-term safety could still yield rewards.

Bad News for Investors: Boeing’s continued woes dropped their stock price by more than 7 % cent (and their already-disastrous year-to-date performance by a further 33 % cent).


Will Boeing make it through? We’ll have to wait and see. But for the time being, brace yourselves. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.