Unveiling the iPhone 16: A Splash of New Colors on the Horizon

This week, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed to investors which iPhone 16 colourways will replace existing models, heralding a whole new style of next-generation iPhone.

Kuo’s forecasts suggest that the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus would stick with the translucent black, green and pink colourways. Instead of a pale yellow, perhaps the colour would be replaced by plain white. This wouldn’t be the first time Apple tinkers with its colourways: the ‘White’ of the iPhone 12 turned into the ‘Starlight’ of the iPhone 13, perhaps revealing a potential desaturated shift or name change for the white colour presented in the iPhone 16.

The iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max, too, could get a colour shakeup, according to Kuo: black, white (or possibly silver) and grey are his suggested options. The most notable transition would be replacing the ‘Blue Titanium’ option with a new Rose Titanium, which aligns with an earlier rumour that the blue titanium may not be included in the 16 Pro lineup.

And keep in mind that these are rumours. Apple won’t be making final decisions until it ships the devices in the fall, and the speculation could turn out to be entirely wrong. The names Apple gives to its colours could stay true to the rumour mill, but the tones themselves could also shift a little. (Remember the transition from ‘White’ to ‘Starlight’ back in 2014?

This latest rumour of colour variants follows a raft of leaked rumours about the upcoming iPhone 16. Prior leaks had speculated that Apple would make major design changes to the device – including a new ‘Capture Button’ and potentially larger displays for the Pro models. Exact specifications and design details about the iPhone 16 will likely be confirmed in recent months ahead of Apple’s fall announcement.